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The opportunity of Federal and State resources has never been more focused and more aligned in rebuilding and repopulating the devastated Gulf South. The number of never before seen tax incentives and tax credits are not well known to the general public and more importantly, are not well known to business people, developers and investors. Through the leveraging of Louisiana's strongest commodity, our culture, Broadway South's mission is to use the myriad numbers of tax benefits offered by Federal, State and local governments to bring economic and cultural development roaring back into the State of Louisiana.

What follows are a list of the Federal and State tax incentives available in Louisiana (some apply to only specific parishes with specific deadlines):


The Go Zone Incentives [ more ]
The New Market Tax Credits [ more ]
Historical Investment Tax Credits [ more ]
Rehabilitation Tax Credits [ more ]


Film Tax Incentives [ more ]
Film Infrastructure Incentives [ more ]
State Historical Tax Credits [ more ]
Restoration Tax Abatement [ more ]
Digital Sound Recording and Media [ more ]
Enterprise Zone Program [ more ]
Quality Jobs Program [ more ]


Read about Go Zone Key Benefits

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